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neeraj's mixtape blog

My "Mixtape" is my blog.It will include My Thoughts and opinions On Music; specifically Hip Hop music and culture, Sports, Movies, Television, Comics, Sci Fi, Podcasts, Entertainment and Pop Culture... I'll also dip into My Life, Health and more, in hopes to help those going through similar experiences

About Me

All Kinds of Parties!


What's you event? Is it a party at a club, bar or restaurant? Planning a House Party, Backyard BBQ, Block Party?m Having a Birthday party? Planning a wedding? Having an office party or convention? need some  ambiance for you bar or restaurant? Looking to bring in clients or customers to your store, boutique, pop up shop or even gym... What ever your event we got the right sound for you!

Great Music


We've got the most in depth catalogue of music. Serving the best in Hip Hop, R&B, House, Dance, Pop. Old School, Disco and even Bollywood This is #RealHiphop #RealDJing #Realmusic blogging disc jockey

Why Choose DJ Neeraj


we have the best in DJing, The largest catalogue, we cater to the crowd and audience! if you're looking for the best party and music experience, look no further...

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